Instagrammable Places in Tokyo

Heading to Tokyo? Here is the ultimate bucket list of things to see, eat, and do in Tokyo in 2024. Find out the easiest way to fly to Tokyo from New York with Japan Airlines and where to stay in Tokyo.

Flying to Tokyo

Japan Airlinesdaily non-stop flights between New York and Tokyo offer unparalleled luxury, comfort, and space. From the cabin’s thoughtful design to the flight crew’s attentive service, every detail is designed to make your journey as comfortable and luxurious as possible. The flights, JL005 and 006, operate with JAL’s new A350-1000 daily between JFK and HND. I’ve never felt so pampered on a flight, and I can’t wait to book my next trip to Tokyo.

JAL Business Class

The new Business Class on the A350-1000 aircraft is luxury paired with comfort at its finest! The spacious seat seamlessly transforms into a lie-flat bed. The sliding doors offer privacy, and paired with the “Do Not Disturb” sign I had the most restful and undisturbed sleep on a long-haul flight ever. A personal wardrobe compartment includes a soft pajama set to get comfy in.

The 24-inch 4K monitor and built-in headrest speakers are the perfect combination for enjoying the latest movies. The side table includes a convenient wireless charger in addition to charger outlets and USB ports. The delicious a la carte menu is amazing, it’s available anytime during the flight and completes the indulgent experience.

JAL Premium Economy Class

The Premium Economy class on Japan Airlines also provides lots of comfort and convenient features. The seats recline electronically, and the leg rest moves too – it’s the first airline to have that. There are also dividers between seats for extra privacy. Watching movies is excellent on the 16-inch 4K screens with bluetooth headphones pairing. The table is also the biggest I’ve seen on any airline, big enough to work on your laptop. The power outlet and USB ports are conveniently located under the arm rest, so you can easily keep all your electronics charged.

Sakura Lounge at HND Tokyo Airport

The Sakura Lounges at HND airport is the perfect place to relax and unwind before the flight. There are two floors, so you don’t need to worry about finding a spot. Both have the same amazing food and beverage options. There are plenty of dining tables, working desks, comfy lounge seats, and even massage chairs.

Pro tip: Sakura Lounge on the 5th floor is usually not as packed as the 4th floor. However, only the 4th floor has showers and massage chairs.

Where To Stay

Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Marunouchi

Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Marunouchi offers a luxurious retreat in the heart of Tokyo, right next to Tokyo Station. Its modern, elegant rooms and the staff’s warm hospitality make it the perfect place to rest after a full day out exploring Tokyo. Inside, there’s two French restaurants; Sézanne has two Michelin stars. There is a bar and champagne lounge as well as a special afternoon tea menu. It has a 24-hour fitness studio and complimentary use of hot-spring baths and sauna in a spa.

Pro tip: You can order freshly baked madeleines of different flavors at any time during your stay.

Top Attractions in Tokyo

TeamLab Borderless: MORI Building

teamLab Borderless: MORI Building in Azabudai Hills is a must-visit for lovers of immersive digital art and those looking for that perfect Instagram photo. What makes this teamLab location special from the other locations is there isn’t a single path for navigating the museum, guests are encouraged to wander and discover unique rooms on their own.

Shibuya Sky

This open-air rooftop observation deck offers a stunning 360-degree panorama of the city. You can see iconic landmarks including iconic Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo Tower, and even Mount Fuji on a clear day.

Pro tip: Purchase the timed entry tickets well in advance. They sell out quickly, especially the time slots around sunset! If you’re bringing a camera, it needs to have a strap attached. If you forget yours, they have straps for you to borrow.

Tsukiji Fish Market

Tsukiji Fish Market is a must-visit for all foodies! Though the famed tuna auctions now occur elsewhere, the Tsukiji Outer Market remains a vibrant hub for incredibly fresh seafood, sushi counters, sweets, and unique Japanese ingredients.

Pro tip: Most of the stalls accept cash only. Luckily there’s an ATM in the area!

Strawberry Mania serve their signature Instagram-worthy strawberry soft-serve ice cream, a beautiful swirl of creamy milk and strawberry flavors. Also be sure to try their strawberry daifuku, a fluffy mochi filled with sweet red bean paste and a whole juicy strawberry.

Sushikuni is heaven for an uni (sea urchin) lover. This restaurant is renowned for its overflowing uni bowls. Pro tip: Go before they open to pick up a ticket that will guarantee your spot in line when it opens!

Gōtokuji Temple, Lucky Cat Temple

This temple is believed to be the birthplace of the iconic ‘maneki-neko’, the lucky cat. You’ll find these adorable cat figurines in all shapes and sizes, left as offerings of good fortune. 

Legend says a cat saved a lord from a lightning strike by beckoning him into Gōtokuji Temple. Grateful for his miraculous escape, the lord became a patron of the temple, restoring it to its former glory. When the cat passed away, it was honored for its role in bringing good fortune. People began leaving cat figurines at the temple as offerings, leading to the popularity of the Maneki-neko, or beckoning cat, as a symbol of luck.

You can buy cat figurines of various sizes to make wishes for good luck. You can either leave the figurine at the temple or take it home and return it after your wish is fulfilled, as a gesture of thanks.

Hie Shrine

This ancient Shinto shrine dates back centuries, creating a peaceful oasis amidst the city’s bustle. Its iconic red torii gates are perfect for that Instagram photo. 

Sensoji Temple

Sensoji Temple, Tokyo’s oldest Buddhist temple, has a grand main hall, and the iconic Kaminarimon Gate. Nearby is Nakamise-dori, a street lined with shops selling souvenirs, snacks, and traditional crafts.

Pro tip: you can rent a kimono to stroll around in

Ana-hachimangu Shrine

Tokyo Sky Tree

Tokyo Skytree offers panoramic views of the city, especially magical at night. There’s restaurants and cafes to unwind at while taking in the breathtaking views. There are two deck levels to checkout, each requires a separate ticket. There is also a glass bottom floor as you exit the Tembo deck.

Pro tip: there’s usually very long lines for both entering and exiting, be sure to budget enough time accordingly! Also there’s separate lines for pre-purchased tickets and buying at the entrance.

Tokyo Dome City

Tokyo Dome City is an entertainment complex centered around the Tokyo Dome stadium. It’s perfect for all ages and a must-visit for its amusement park rides, diverse shopping and dining options, relaxing spa facilities, and lively events.

Cafe & Desserts in Tokyo

Haute Couture Cafe Omotesando

Haute Couture Cafe is the most Instagrammable cafe. It’s known for its stunning seasonal décor and afternoon tea sets. Their delicate sweets, and savory dishes are as delicious as they are photogenic.

Studio Cafe MARU

Studio Cafe MARU is a combination of a cute cafe and a self-photo studio. They’re well known for their cute jiggly cat dessert.

HATCOFFEE Latte Art Stand (Asakusa)

Latte art fans will love this cafe. You can get a fully custom made 3D foam art on top of your coffee! They also offer custom 2D art as well.

Chacha Futatsume

Famous for its visually stunning Matcha Mont Blanc creation, it resembles an ice cream cone but features layers of sponge cake, mascarpone cream, agar jelly, and lemon marmalade, all topped with delicate matcha vermicelli.

Cat Cafe MOCHA Harajuku

Cat lovers will enjoy spending time at this cute cat cafe where you can interact with the cats. There’s a large selection of drinks to enjoy. It also offers manga and magazines.

Bars in Tokyo

Rooftop Bar Andaz Tokyo

The Rooftop Bar at Andaz Tokyo, on the 52nd floor, has amazing views of Tokyo’s skyline in a sophisticated, semi-open-air setting. You can enjoy innovative cocktails featuring seasonal Japanese ingredients immersed in chic ambiance.

Bar Centifolia

If you enjoy watching your bartender craft their stunningly gorgeous and delicious drinks in front of you, then this is the place you need to be. The bar owner and bartender incorporates fire and precision knife skill threatrics as he prepares his signature drinks for you.

Japanese food

Ramen: Ramen Street Tokyo station

Tokyo Ramen Street, located within Tokyo Station, is a haven for ramen lovers, offering a diverse selection of top-notch ramen shops in one convenient location. You can find a variety of regional specialties, and unique broths and flavors.

Gyoza: Gyopao Gyoza Roppongi

Gyopao is a Japanese-Taiwanese fusion restaurant famous for their soup gyoza served in chicken bone broth. Aside from their soup gyoza, their deep fried gyozas and deep fried chicken is amazing as well!

Shabu-shabu: Nabezo Shibuya Center-gai

Hot pot lovers will love this all you can eat restaurant, with 4 different flavored broths to choose from. The meats are sliced to their optimum thickness and temperature controlled for the perfect flavor. 

Yakiniku: Yakiniku Tei Rokkasen West 2

All you can eat Japanese BBQ and sukiyaki? Say no more! Ordering through their tablet makes it quick and easy and their service is fast.

International food

Italian: K’shiki dinner, 4 course set menu

This upscale Italian restaurant is located on the 38th floor of the Mandarin Oriental and has a panoramic view of the city skyline.

Top Neighborhoods To Explore


Ginza is Tokyo’s glamorous shopping and entertainment district. Home to luxury boutiques, upscale department stores, and gourmet restaurants. You can also find boutique shops that offer traditional Japanese crafts and souvenirs.


Shinjuku is filled with neon lights, towering skyscrapers, and giant electronic stores. Kabukicho, is the neon-lit entertainment hub with a bustling nightlife. For foodies, Omoide Yokocho is an alley filled with tiny bars and eateries serving up traditional Japanese snacks.


Shibuya is Tokyo’s iconic youth culture hub. Famous for Shibuya Crossing, one of the world’s busiest intersections. It’s the place for trendy fashion, cafes, and endless entertainment.


Omotesando and Harajuku are trendsetting fashion districts, each with its unique vibe. Omotesando, often referred to as Tokyo’s “Champs-Élysées,” is lined with luxurious designer boutiques, and stylish cafes. Harajuku is known for its quirky street fashion, vintage clothing stores, and vibrant pop culture.


Asakusa is centered around Tokyo’s oldest temple, Sensoji Temple. You can rent a kimono for a stroll, or hop on a rickshaw for a unique sightseeing experience.

Roppongi Hills

Roppongi Hills has a blend of luxury, art, and entertainment. You can find many high-end shops and the famous Mori Art Museum with contemporary exhibitions. At night, Roppongi Hills transforms into a lively nightlife district with international bars and clubs.

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